52 minutes / Bengali / EST / HD / Documentary / India / 2007
Production Details
Producer : Films Division
Writer / Director : Ramchandra PN
Camera : Subrato Sengupta
Editing : Paramanand Kumar
Sound : Sudipto Mukhopadhyay
Executive Producer: Rajat Sengupta
It is a struggle to be living in the remote islands of Sundarbans in West Bengal, Western India - poverty, lack of earning opportunities, the vagaries of the tides, soil erosion, the fear of the attacking tiger that swims… rampant tuberculosis and the lack of basic health care facilities. Amidst these, a group of dedicated people organize themselves through a few medical boats to provide much needed medical relief to the islanders… boats that have x-ray machines, pathological labs, nurses and doctors. They are the floating healers of Sundarbans…
Production Notes
For ten days the entire unit was on a boat moving from island to Island in Sundarbans.  The remoteness of the area baffled us. We captured what we got and the result was a thought provoking and lyrical film on the plight of the people living in the remote area of Sundarbans.

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