Short Fiction
KHANA KHZAANA (The Treasure Meal)
10 minutes / Hindi / HDV / Fiction / India / 2013
Production Details
Producer : FTII

Workshop Director: Ramchandra PN

Story, Screenplay: Ramchandra PN
Camera :
Editing :Charu

Sound :

Cast: Vikas Shukla, Khusboo Upadhaya, Resh Lamba, Anurag

Executive Producer: Mangal Negi
A newly married couple spend their first night together in a hotel room not knowing that there is a third person in the room all through, a thief wanting to eat, watch and steal.
Production Notes
In 2013 I was asked to do a workshop film for the one year direction course students. The film was inspired by a real life story in Tamil Nadu where a robber robbed newly married couple on their first night.
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