52 minutes / Kannada / EST / Documentary / India / 2012
Production Details
Producer : Public Service Broadcasting Service (PSBT) / Films Division.
Executing Banner : Sonk Films
Writer / Director / Editor / Camera: Ramchandra PN
Associate Director : Suresh Gujar
Sound : Mohandas VP
Executive Producer: Tulika Srivastava

‘Rice and Rasam’ captures the daily struggles, routines, joys, conflicts, and the nomadic lives of an ensemble of professional artists of two units of a touring theater company in Karnataka, South India as they struggle to remain relevant and survive amidst dwindling audiences; and in the face of rapidly changing economic, cultural and political contexts. Asserting the unique ‘live experience’ that only his theater can provide; and holding these two units together is Rajanna Jewargi and his extended family. Also attached is Nagesh Gubbi, under whose management the most famous of all theater companies in Karnataka, the ‘Gubbi Company’ had once collapsed. 

Production Notes
This film was made thanks to a film fellowship that the Public Service Broadcast Trust (PSBT) gave me for the year 2011. The PSBT is one of the best producers to have in the sense that they gave me full creative freedom as to what should be in the film and how should it be. Top in my wish list would be that may many more PSBTs grow in India.
Film Festivals
1. OPEN FRAME Film Festival New Delhi 2012
2. Prague Indian Film Festival , PRAGUE - 2012 

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