Dispite Distortions
4 minutes / Documentary / DV Cam / Hindi-Tulu / EST / India / 2008
Production Details
Banner : Sonk Films
Producer / Writer / Director / Editor / Cameraman : Ramchandra PN
Research & Production Controller : Surendra Kumar
Letting go of his distorted past, a semi educated rag picker etches out a living of subsistence in the city of Mumbai. But will it let him?
Production Notes
A city like Mumbai is shaped up by the migrants that inhabit it. On the other hand, it can also be said that the city of Mumbai can make or break the lives of the thousands of migrants who flock the city, every day. Francis Pereira is a migrant Kannadiga struggling in the city. The Kannadigas are a community that hail from the southern Indian state of Karnataka. Since the filmmaker is also is a migrant Kannadiga in the city of Mumbai, he can as well empathise with the life and times of Francis Pereira.
Film Festivals and Screenings:
1. 'The Bombay Mix Bitesize' short selection screening, London UK, 2008.
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