40 minutes / High Band / Colour / Documentary / India / 1996
Production Details
Banner : Sonk Films / Dziga Collective
Producer / Director : Ramchandra PN
Co-Director : Prasanjit Ghosh
Cameraman : Jogendra Panda, Adinath Das
Editor : Prashant Naik
This film deals with ‘probeshirs’ who have resided in the city on Mumbai, Western India. ‘Probeshir’ is a word in Bengali language depicting a person who has moved out of his homeland of Bengal, a state in Eastern India. The non resident Bengalis, so to speak, find their own bearings while celebrating their most popular religious festival called Durga Pooja. It is the time to meet, to eat and to relive what Bengal is all about - all in an alien land.
Production Notes
This film was made when the ‘High Band’ format was ruling the roost. This was one of my first experiences in dealing with a TV channel, where I had to listen to words like ‘balls’ and ‘shit’ from young excitable executive producers.
This film was shown for four consecutive years in the channel ‘In Mumbai’ once every year during the Durga Pooja celebrations...
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