Chacha Chaudhary
Swamy Swamy
Swar Sadhana
TV Projects
Director / 30 minutes x 70 episodes / Children’s serial / Hindi / ‘Sahara One’ Channel / India / 2005
This serial is based on the famous comic strip character by the same name created by the Indian cartoonist Pran. Uncle Chaudary and his side kick the all powerful Sabu solve various issues - big and small - in their village through intelligence and strength. Produced by Ashwin Verma
Director / 30 minutes x 10 episodes / Sitcom / Kannada / ‘ETV Kannada’ Channel / India / 2002
This serial is about a crazy family that lives at the address 55, Kumarapark East.
Writer & Director / 30 minutes x 53 episodes / Detective comedy / Kannada / ‘ETV Kannada’ Channel / India / 2001
Ramaswamy and Krishnaswamy are twins who own an ever bumbling detective agency that solve cases that come to them in the ‘Pink Panther’ style. For the first time, NSD trained actor Krishna Bhat plays a double role in a serial.
Director / 30 minutes x 26 episodes / multi genre / Hindi / ‘Doordarshan’ National Channel / India / 2000
This series traces the history and myth of Indian classical music through a series of episodes that dealt with a variety of genres - the mythological, historical, the talk show, the quiz show, the educational show and pure fiction narration. Produced by Padmashri M Rajam and Sangeeta Shankar Also available on CD format as ‘Legends of Indian Music’
Director / 12 minutes x 26 episodes / Mini sitcom / Hindi / ‘Doordarshan’ National Channel / India / 1996
This is a mini sitcom dealing with the misadventures of a servant. Produced by Siddarth Kak and 'Cinema Vision India'.
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