Friendship Through Sports
Short Fiction
4 minutes / HDV / B&W and Colour / Only music / India / 2008
Production Details
Producers : Total Sports Asia Ltd
Director : Ramchandra PN
Cameramen : Sameer Mahajan, Jeetendra Sharma
Writer : Martin Abraham
Producer : Prabodh Hamington
An underdog kid gets bullied by his rival in the run up to a school race. As the race progresses the bully trips, only to be helped by the sympathetic underdog. The underdog not only wins the race, but also the bully’s friendship.
Production Notes
A week before the inauguration of the World Military Games that were to be held in Hyderabad in 2008, I got an urgent request to make a eye opener for the event. This simple short film that had friendship as its theme was planned in two days, shot in a day and was edited in the next two days - just in time for the inauguration of the games. A real cliff hanger!
1. Inaugural ceremony of the World Military Games, 2008
2. Telecast on the National Channel ‘Doordarshan’, 2008
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