Gently Down the Stream
2 x 30 minutes / Beta / Kuchhi-Hindi-English-Malayalam / EST / Colour / Documentary / India / 2001.
Production Details
Banner : Gayatri Telesoft
Writer / Director : Ramchandra PN
Cameraman : Subratho Sengupta
Editor : Shankar Murthy
Sound : Vaibhav Gham
Producer : Rajat Sengupta
In the towns of Mandvi and Veraval in the western Indian state of Gujrath, the centuries old tradition of building heavy wooden ships, called ‘Dhows’, continues… ships that sail far into the Middle East. Down south, on the beaches of the Indian state of Kerala, people still build traditional wooden boats called the ‘Kettuvallam’, by tying coir ropes between planks!
Production Notes
Imagine an Indian based TV channel that would only show documentaries that are made in India…! That was what was promised by the then proposed channel ZEE CHAKRA, the commissioning agency of these documentaries. A year and a half later the ZEE group backtracked, leaving behind a trail of well researched commissioned documentaries and a lot of bad debts.
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