Heart Trouble of Ramchand yavathmal Tiruchinapalli Azamchar
Short Fiction
5 minutes / English-Hindi / Drama / EST / Colour / Mini DV / India / 2003
Production Details
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Producer / Writer / Director / Cameraman / Sound : Ramchandra PN
Editor : Pankaj Rishi Kumar
Sound Consultants : VP Mohandas, Resul Pokutty & Sateesh PM
Cast : Anil Pande
Ramchand Yavathmal Tiruchanapalli Azamghar's bride hunting methods are unique and unconventional. Circulating photographs and matching horoscopes are passé. Instead, he opens up his heart. That is, he shows and analyses his recent ECG heart test report to prospective brides. He calls for applications from interested parties and expects the responding girls to send in their own ECG reports, so that he can carefully study and select one among them as his bride!
Production Notes:
The production of this film marks the return of the director to independent filmmaking after a twelve year long lethargic sabbatical and his entry into the digital mode. A casual discussion with a colleague about the creative use of the VHS footage that the director had of his E.C.G. test report led to the creation of this short.
Film Festival and screenings:
1. First Monforotto Short Film Festival, Vignale, Italy 2003
2. Second Dallas South Asian Film Festival, USA 2003
3. Woodgreen Short Film Festival, UK 2004
4. Mocha Film Screening, Mumbai 2004
5. Snitz Short Film Festival, Switzerland, 2004
6. Abuja International Film Festival, Nigeria, 2004
7. No Masala - Traveling Indian Short Films, Film Museums in Frankfurt. Stuttgart, Berlin, Leipzig, Wuerzburg' and Hamburg, 2004
8. Camera, a shorts program, South Asian Visual Arts Collective, Toronto, Canada 2005
9. Third International Film & Video Festival, Detroit at the Museum Of New Art (MONA), Detroit, 2005
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