Idhu Yaake Heege
Short Fiction
IDHU YAAKE HEEGE…? (Why is this so?)
5 x 30 minutes / drama / educational / Colour / Mini DV / Kannada / India / 2005
Production Details
Director : Ramchandra PN
Sound : V Badrinath, Chandrakanth Karamadi
Editor : Jyotsna Murthy
Writer : Jayant Kaikini, Sushma Veerappa
Producer : Swati Dhandekar
Cast : Adithi Ravikumar, Ullas B S, Shaswati Manjunath, Jayanth Hegde, V Ashok Kumar
A bunch of active and naughty school kids practically implement in their home surroundings some of the basic principles of science that they have just learnt in their school. Knowledge was never such fun, frolic and adventure.
Production Notes
When Swati, an old friend, was doing one of her first projects in Bangalore, she had requested me to direct the first few films in a series that were meant to be fun based educational films. It is in this project that I realized that for the first time in my career that handling of child actors can really be smooth and easy – provided we don’t treat them for what they are. The entire series later got dubbed into Hindi.
Schools in the state of Karnataka State and elsewhere in the country.
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