Mumbai Montage

76 minutes / Documentary / Kannada / EST / DV / 2011 / India
Production Details
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Writer / Editor / Director / Producer : Ramchandra PN

Camera / Location sound : Ajay Raina, Ramchandra PN

Visual Consultant: Sameer Mahajan

Sound Designer: Santosh Kumar


The filmmaker’s 200 year old ancestral house in a remote village of Miyar in Karnataka, South India  is dismantled, giving an opportunity for him to undertake a journey into a past  that he not only shares with his extended family, but also with successive generations of rural Indians. A realisation of the inevitability of a transition marks this journey. It could well be the joureny of a country that has propelled itself into modernity. As plans are on for the house to be reconstructed elsewhere in an open air museum, out of its original context - the fossilization seems to be complete.

Production Notes

This film was shot in 2001, when I hired a digital camera and went out to document the dismanteling process of my ancestral house.  With me was my fellow film school mate Ajay Raina.  The result - eight hours of 'aim & shoot' footage that seemingly had no head or tail to it, except the destruction of the houseitself. In 2009 during a teaching stint at  FTII, my film school in Poona, I gathered courage to assemble the film on my laptop - and surprisingly, it did make sense! The completion of the film coincided with the death of my father, a character in the film, in Mumbai! The journey in the film could as well be his as mine.

Film Festivals

1. International Documentary & Short Film Festival of Kerala - 2011

2.  Prague Indian Film Festival - 2011

3.  Mumbai Film Festival (MAMI) - 2011

4. Mumbai International Film Festival for Documentary & Short Films (MIFF) - 2012

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