My banjara Diary
50 minutes / Beta / Colour / Hindi-English-Banjari / EST / Documentary / India / 2002
Production Details
Banner : Cinema Vision India
Writer / Director : Ramchandra PN
Cameraman : Anil Kumar CJ, Mehboob Ahmedabadi
Editor : Raosaheb Pradhan, Devendra Dandekar
Sound : Javed, Prakash Shinde. Joyce Thomas
Producer : Siddarth Kak
We look at the culture, practices and lifestyle of the erstwhile nomadic community of the Banjaras in one of their settled colonies, called ‘Thandas’, in a village near Yavathmal, Maharashtra, India through the eyes of Atmaram Kaniram Rathod – a rebel writer belonging to the community.
Production Notes
This film was a part of a series of films on ancient Indian wisdom that Siddarth Kak produced for the Ford Foundation. This film was shot for over a year and a half and the journey during this period was for me a process of sensitization of such marginal communities like the Banjaras.
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