Out of Tune
Short Fiction
7 minutes / Drama / Mini DV / Colour / English-Hindi / EST / India / 2004
Production Details
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Producer / Writer / Director / Cameraman / Editor / Sound : Ramchandra PN
Sound Adviser : Deepankar Sharma
Co-Producer : Sushma Rao
Cast : Anil Pande
The film is about the unnecessary emotional burdens and baggage we carry from the experiences of our past. They guide your life, control it and stifle it - and you become used to it.
Production Notes
It was the persistence of Anil Pande, the director’s one time neighbor and an upcoming actor that made this film possible. While ‘Heart Troubles…’ which also had the same actor-director combination, was shot in the director’s house, this one was in Anil’s. It was like, ‘Are you free? OK, let’s shoot’.
Film Festivals and Screenings:
1. British Council Digital Film Festival, India, 2004 (Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Ahmadabad, Chandighar, Chennai, Hyderabad.)
2. Third Dallas South Asian Film Festival, USA, 2004
3. Third International Film & Video Festival of Detroit at the Museum Of New Art (MONA), Detroit, USA, 2005
4. "FilmLichter05” International Short Film Festival Detmold, Germany, 2005
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