52 minutes / Kachhi -Hindi-English / EST / Documentary / India / 2012
Production Details
Producer : Films Division
Executing Banner : Jai Mata Dee, Aravind Singh
Writer / Director : Ramchandra PN
Camera : Subrato Sengupta
Editor: and Paramanand. Sound: Dhimen Karmakar
Executive Producer: Rajat Sengupta
Marginal villagers from Patadi Taluka in Surendranagar District in Gujrat, in Western India migrate to The Little Runn of Kutch for around eight months and brave the odds that the hostile tarrain throws at them as they extract salt in salt fields. As they migrate with their families the education of their children is the first casualty. Coordinated efforts are being made in the Little Runn of Kutch to run a few make shift schools by erecting tents in three foot pits. Thus continuity in the children's education is maintained and school dropouts is decreased. A film on the right to education of the Agaria children.
Production Notes
It is believed that the little Rann of Kutch or the mud desert was at one point of time a part of the sea. Rivers that met the sea here brought sediments that got deposited over a period to time to form the Little Rann of Kutch. During the monsoon, the little Rann of Kutch converts itself into a huge water body; but is very arid after that when the water recedes. It is a place where there is no natural source no drinking water, no electricity and devoid of any vegetation. It is here that the Agaria community traditionally extract salt from the depths of 100 foot and supply them to huge salt companies. Most often the return they get is very meagre.
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