Shaky Souls, Empty Chairs, Testing Times
41 minutes / DV Cam / Documentary / English-Hindi-Kannada / EST / India / 2006
Production Details
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Producer / Writer / Director / Cameraman / Editor: Ramchandra PN
Sound : Santosh Kumar, Bobby John.
Production Manager : Jayaprakash.
Co-Producer : Sushma Rao
Three stories dealing with the dilemmas relating to HIV testing issues - In Mumbai, Shobnath Yadhav, is tested for HIV, uninformed, and is refused an emergency operation. A second test proves that the first is wrong, yet he faces discrimination. Dayanand Narvekar, the health minister of the tourism oriented Indian State of Goa, wants make pre-marital HIV testing compulsory, despite protests from the church and local activists. In Mangalore, South India, a self declared HIV+ Seema Mathaiz counsels the virtues of adherence to AIDS drugs provided free by the government.
Production Notes
Thomson Foundation, Cardiff with the help of the EU-India Media Initiative on HIV-AIDS, New Delhi had conducted a three day workshop in Shimla in 2006 to sensitize select media people on the various issues relating to HIV-AIDS, under the leadership of UK’s leading media expert, Arwel Ellis Owen. This film is an off shoot of the workshop, made possible with a modest bursary made available by EU-India Media Initiative on HIV-AIDS.
Film Festivals
2. Singapore International Film Festival, Free Section, 2008
3. Second National Short & Documentary Film Festival of Karimnagar India 2008
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