The Hot Shot
Short Fiction
The Hot Shot
5 minutes / 16mm / Drama / Only Music / Colour / India / 1991
Production Details
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Producer / Writer / Director / Editor : Ramchandra PN
Cameraman : Jogendra Panda
Sound : Sateesh PM
Sound Mixing : Padmanabhan
Executive Producer : Sirish Joshi
Cast: Vinay Edekar, Manisha Kamath
A blue collared office executive takes a liking to the still camera that he finds outside his house. But to his dismay, all the snaps that he clicks tear by themselves – until he closes his lens and clicks. The resultant blank photo does not tear and he ends up clicking with the lens cap on!
Production Notes:
This film is the first independent short film made by Ramchandra PN from the money he earned working for a TV program. To cut down costs, the production of this film was combined with that of two other independent shorts directed and produced by his film school classmates, Gauri Partawdhan and Manoj Nair. ‘The Hot Shot’ was streamed on US based a website in the early nineties, before the site closed down.
Film Festivals and Screenings:
2. Dakha Short Film Festival, Bangladesh 1993.
3. ‘Raw & Uncooked' - British Council Experimental Short Film Festival, India 1996.
4. IIT Mood Indigo Short Films Festival, Mumbai, India, 1999
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