Virus No. 1
10 minutes / Documentary / Colour / Hindi-English-Gujrati / EST / Mini DV / 2003
Production Details
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Producer / Writer / Director / Cameraman / Editor / Sound : Ramchandra PN
Sound : Mohandas VP, Uday Singh Rathod
Co-Producer : Sushma Rao
In a distant suburb in Mumbai, a terminally ill HIV-AIDS patient is kept alive through community support and home based care - A positive example in the fight against discrimination against those affected by the virus.
Production Notes
This film came about when I was doing some research on HIV-AIDS for a longer film. I had happened to meet a group of doctors who provided home care and engineered a community based support for HIV-AIDS patients. At a time when there was rampant discrimination against those affected by HIV-AIDS, this attempt was a silver lining.
Film Festivals
1. World AIDS Day screening through ‘Aids Combat International’, Mumbai 2003
2. Conograph Documentary Film Festival, Republic of Moldova 2004
3. Abuja International Film Festival, Nigeria, 2004. Best Short Documentary Award.
4. Telecast in ‘Community Channel' in UK. Des 1st 2004
5. Alliance Francoise - SAATHI Film Festival on HIV_AIDS, Chennai, 2004
6. 3rd International Film & Video Festival of Detroit at the Museum Of New Art (MONA), Detroit, USA, 2005
7. Siddhartha Gautam Film Festival, Calcutta, 2005
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