105 minutes / Black Comedy / Hindi / India / 2015

Production Details

Story, Screenplay, Direction: Ramchandra PN

Producer: Sushma PN, Ramchandra PN

Cameraman: Narayanan Venkatramanan

Location Sound & Sound Design: Santosh Kumar

Hindi Dialogues: Niraj Sah

Cast: Niraj Sah, Hemant Mahaur

Associate Director: Suresh Gujar


The Bankrupts is about two filmmakers who meet after a gap of fifteen years. As one of them narrates a script of a film to the another, the past catches up with them and for the two friends the celebration soon turns into a secession of one up-man-ship where accusations flow freely - the question of success, of failures and of a subtle comparison of individual achievements arise. The duo by the end of the film realise that they are as bankrupt as ever - literally, and in all sense of the word.

Production Notes

The Bankrupts or Haal-E-Kangaal is a two-character film set in an apartment in a Housing Colony in the City of Mumbai, India. The two characters are caught in their web of their own making and by the end of the film realise a sense of emptiness, worthlessness and bankruptcy.



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