SUDDHA (The Cleansing Rites) is a 105 minute feature film shot on the digital format. It is made in a language called Tulu, spoken in two coastal districts in the state of Karnataka, South India. The film is about a family in a remote village in South India which realizes that it is in its last leg of feudal existence when it cannot perform a last rites in a scale in which it was once used to.

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Best Indian Film, Osian Cinefan Festival of Asian Films, New Delhi 2006

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Ramchandra PN hails from a South Indian temple town called Udupi in the coastal state of Karnataka, South India. He is a commerce graduate from the Mangalore University and has completed his post graduation diploma in Direction & Screenplay Writing from the Film and TV Institute of India, Poona in 1990. He is presently based in Mumbai making documentaries, short films and TV shows under the banner of Sonk Films.  SUDDHA is his first feature length film. He is the co-producer of the film and is also responsible for its sound design, editing, and screenplay.

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Project SUDDHA, for me, has predominantly been an exercise in creating something from nothing. When we first started thinking about producing the film ourselves, the question I posed myself was ‘Can I find creative solutions to what I do not have?’ The difference between answering this question and cribbing that I do not have a producer or a crane or a star, was the difference between making and not making the film. And I choose to make it.


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