Putaani Party (The Kid Gang)

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Ranjita Jadhav
A ferocious orator, an environmental activist and a class tenth student in the town of Dharwad, Karnataka; she is also writes Kannada short stories and acts in Kannada children’s theater.

Sharad Anchatgiri
A class seventh student in Dharwad, he is also involved in Kannada children’s theater.

Pawan Hanchinaal
This class tenth student from Dharwad hails from a family that is heavily involved in theater activism.

Gurudutta Joshi
A class ninth student in Dharwad, at his age, he is well versed in all the four Vedas, the ancient Indian treatises. He also acts on stage.

Deepak Joshi
A class ninth student in Dharwad, he is fluent in reciting the Vedas, the four ancient Indian treatises. He is also involved in Kannada children’s theater.

Bhavani Prakash
A graduate of the ‘Ninasam’ theater institute in Heggodu, Karnataka, she has been directing, acting and conducting theater workshops in all parts of the state of Karnataka, South India. Based in Bangalore, she has also acted in various movies and TV serials.

Jayalakshmi Patil
A theater artist from Bangalore who also dabbles in TV serials and films, she is also a poet in Kannada language and blogs ferociously.

CS Patil
He is a well known theater artist based in Dharwad. He has also acted as a villain in various films in the Kannada film industry. He runs a grocery store for a living.

Shekhar Kalaja
Based in Honnapur village near Dharwad, Shekar is a driver by profession. He is also an amateur artist on Kannada Language Theater.

Aarthi Deshpande
She is a news reader in ‘All India Radio’ Dharwad station who also acts in theater and TV serials.

Gopal Unkal
He is a theater artist in Dharwad who owns and runs an auto-rickshaw. He also acts in Kannada serials and films.

Chote Babajaan Mulla
A school teacher in Honnapur village near Dharwad, he is a singer and a stage artist. He runs his own music orchestra.

Iranna Inaapura
He is a painter by profession in the town of Dharwad, who also acts on stage.

Basavaraj Illigere
He owns a liquor shop in Poona, but acts in Kannada plays in Dharwad. He is associated with the theater troupe ‘Samudaya’.

Anasuya Hanchinaal
Anasuya is a home maker and an amateur theater artist based in Dharwad.

Mukund Maigur
A committed environmentalist based in Dharwad, he also dabbles with children’s theater under the aegis of ‘Kriyasheela Gelayaru’.

Bade Babajaan Mulla
He owns a tiny ‘pan’ shop in Honnapura village near Dharwad. He is a trained playback singer from the ‘Adarsha Film Institute’, Bangalore. He also runs a music orchestra.

Other Cast
S M Danappa Gauda, Prabhu Hanchinaal, Nagaraja Ghatge, Gururaj Kalyani, Mayyur Dandewala

Child Artists
Pragati Kalabhavi, Afreen Mulla, Sharukh Mulla, Amreen Mulla, Sana Mulla, Manoj Nargundkar, Mamta Nargundkar, Sangeeta Matapathi, Chetan Patil, Prakash ‘Pakya’, Praveen Hanchinaal, Prashant Hanchinaal, Children of Honnapura and Kalkeri





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