Putaani Party (The Kid Gang)

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Producer: Children’s Film Society, India
The Children’s Film Society, India is the largest producer of Children’s Films in Asia. It also conducts the Golden Elephant International Children’s Film Festival, in India.

Director of Photography: Sameer Mahajan
A diploma in Cinematography from Film & Television Institute of India, Pune, he has won the Best Cinematographer award at the Orissa State Film Awards in 2006. Some of his films are ‘Suddha’, ‘Akhnoor’, ‘Naina Jogin’ and ‘Journeys’.

Editor: Arunabha Mukerjee
A diploma holder in editing from Film and Television Institute of India, Pune; he has been editing various films, serials, documentaries and shot films. Some of the films are ‘Johnny Johnny Yes Papa’, ‘Haathi ka Andaa’ and ‘Waiting for you’.

Sound Re-recording: Alok De
He is a Sound Engineering & Recording graduate from the Film and TV Institute of India, Poona. Based in Mumbai, this reputed Re-Recordist is also a National Film Award winner.

Sound Editing & Designing: Santosh Kumar
A 2004 graduate from the Film and TV institute of India, he has been doing production and post production sound for films, TV shows and documentaries. His films include ‘Suddha’, ‘Sikandar’, ‘Hulla’, ‘Pranali’ and an Afghani film ‘Baha’.

Music Director: Vijay Prakash
He is a Mumbai based jingle composer who has also worked as a main vocalist on the background score for many popular films. Along with Sukhwinder Singh, he has sung the Oscar Award winning song ‘Jai Ho' from the film, Slumdog Millionaire.

Art Director: Apurba Banarjee
He is a 1996 graduate of the National Institute of Film and Fine Arts, Calcutta with specialization in direction and editing. He has been associated with directors like Dayal Nihalani and Paresh Kamdar and has assisted the renowned art director Sameer Chanda.

Location Sound: Pritam Das
A Post Graduate Diploma holder in Sound Recording from the Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, Kolkata, West Bengal, he has been indulging himself in location and studio sound recording; designing, music recording and re-recording for various films.

Chief Assistant Director & Costume Designer:
Suresh Gujjar
Suresh has been working in the Mumbai film industry as a chief assistant director, costume handler, production controller and scheduler for the past eighteen years.

Associate Executive Producer: Dr Singh
He is a research scholar who has left his well secured job to take up filmmaking. He is the co producer of the film, ‘Waiting for you’

Line Producer: Aravind Dave
Arvind Dave is a 1990 graduate from the Film TV Institute of India, Poona. He has been facilitating the filming of many international films, shot in India.

Line Producer: Shyam SR Upadhyay
Shyam is a director based in the city of Mumbai, whose Indo-New Zeeland co-production ‘Waiting for you’ is making its round in the film festival circuit.



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